Feb 10, 2018
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Black Clover Review So Far

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Black Clover
JP: ブラッククローバー

Genre: Adventure, Shounen, Super Powers, Magic, Action

Studio: Studio Pierrot

Producers: Shueisha, Avex, TV Tokyo, Pictures

Source: Manga

Black Clover guys! You liking the series so far? They call it a “New Naruto”, which is understandable for many reasons, some of which may not be positive at all. But we’re not going to be comparing it with Naruto or Fairy Tail or any other Shounen anime today, even though in my personal opinion, Black Clover looks more like a FT, at least protagonist part that is; which is super dumb and at the same time very sharp when mangaka needs it (I don’t personally like this quality). If I was to describe the Black Clover anime in bullet points:

Aster (Asta) and Noelle by Alexanj - Black Clover

Aster (Asta) and Noelle by Alexanj – Black Clover

  • Positive and Engaging – the world and the characters look alive. Excitement is hiding in every corner, especially if you are watching this without reading the manga first.
  • Rivalry – with Yuno is not as annoying as in most Shounen series. In this case, things actually kind of make
  • Fractions – Guilds and all the guild members are interesting and full of surprises. Creating this amount of characters and keeping interest in literally all of them is something only the exceptional mangaka can do, like Yūki Tabata.
  • No Love, No Romance Taboo – has been broken in Black Clover! kind of thing, most Shounen authors avoid like a plague. Even though Tabata did break the taboo, he’s managed to “keep it cool”. Even though Asta is kind of in love with sister Lily, I don’t think Asta fully realizes what love is. That and the part that Lilly is a “sister” and she can’t marry him even if she wanted to.
  • Less Fillers – Not the actual fillers I’m talking about, the filler-ish part of each episode, storyline and arcs. Like be honest guys how many of you dislike this about One Piece anime? Technically One Piece has less filler episodes of all Shounen series ever (proportionally), the problem is, very little of interest happens in each episode, because each episode is full of BS that nobody gives a $@#! About. Black Clover does not do that, story goes straight forward, and things happen fast.
  • OP Characters – in all major Shounen series, we always have seriously overpowered characters, Protagonist or Antagonist, or both. It’s one of the most important aspects of the genre. Black Clover is very rich with OP characters, including the King. Why is this important you ask? Think about it yourself, these guys are what make the series so badbutt:
  1. BleachKenpachi Zaraki
  2. Fairy TailGildarts Clive
  3. GintamaKamui
  4. NarutoItachi Uchiha
  • And the list goes on, regardless of what fraction these guys belong to, bad guys or good guys, these are the characters that make the series great.
Yami by Alexanj Black Clover

Yami by Alexanj Black Clover

When it comes to negative aspects of Black Clover, the list surprisingly short. In fact, there is no list, only couple of extremely annoying things that are basically subjective. One of those things hides in Asta’s personality, yelling like crazy person and acting surprised 100 times in each episode, this drives me nuts, because this kind of character behavior is kind of old and even back then it wasn’t as good as authors intended, so why repeat it then!?

Really… the anime has been great so far, much better experience than Black Clover manga. It’s bright and always affects the mood positively, no matter how silly or irrational, each episode is a treat. I think it’s mostly because the authors and producers managed to shrink the story to only the essential aspects; Imagine shrinking Bleach, Naruto and OP to size of Black Clover… that would be something.

While this is only an initial review of Black Clover, I strongly recommend the series to everyone into Shounen anime, action and magic / superpowers. Feel free to discuss the episodes and share your experience with the series so far.

Note: I strongly suggest you ignore the negative ranking and reviews on My Anime List. If you truly are a Shounen genre fan, you’re definitely going to love the series.

Luck Voltia and Magna Swing by らうりー

Luck Voltia and Magna Swing by らうりー

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