Feb 1, 2018
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Bleatless Review – First Impressions

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I trust in your smile, I won’t care whether you are soulless or not

Genre: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Ecchi, Romance, Drama, Mecha, Action

Studio: Diomedea

Producers: Good Smile Company, Kadokawa Shoten, Sony Music Entertainment, Animatic, Mainichi Broadcasting System

Source: Novel

I trust in your smile, I won’t care whether you are soulless or not” kind of tells you what the Beatless anime is about: Sci-Fi, Fantasy with some drama and romance involved. Once you learn Kadokawa and Sony Music are also involved you get this feeling of excitement that this anime must be good. After all, these guys are big guns and they don’t get involved in a project that is not worth it, that’s what you think right? WRONG! Never assume anything because of these criteria and honestly, Beatless is a good example of that – sadly, Beatless never even had a potential; it’s just another…

Beatless by Redjuice999

Beatless by Redjuice999

Don’t look to be impressed in first few minutes, of the episode 1, or rather first 2 episodes, this will make things even worse. Just follow the story and once you understand what’s what and get to know some characters you can decide it yourself. My personal opinion and experience was horrendous: It took everything I had to force myself to keep watching, because, you know, review and all… Oh and before we continue, let me just tell you one more thing, The original novel by Satoshi Hase isn’t any better than the anime series, so don’t waste your time.


About Beatless

It’s 2015 but different from our time, human androids are part of society. Well, kind of… truth is, the human androids driven by the super advanced AI that surpasses even human intelligence are considered and treated like tools to serve humans. That is pretty much the background of the story, you can guess what’s going to happen next: like AI going out of control, boy meeting android girl etc.

Beatless by Anonamos701

Beatless by Anonamos701

Guilty Crown appeal does not help, because the story simply isn’t that good, not just story, the characters are very shallow, like those from senseless “echi” harem mecha series,. Predictable, full of cliché. It is beyond me how this anime got 24 episodes of air time. The episode one was a disaster, the episode two was a legislation of that and the episode 3 took every ounce of my patience two finish watching.

Even if the story or the absence of it does not bother you, I can hardly think of any reason why you should watch Beatless anime series; below average when it comes to action and spec effects, and even worse when it comes to drama and romance. I’m sorry if I ruined your expectations but it is what it is.

Arato Endo by TheGagaManga Beatless

Arato Endo by TheGagaManga – Beatless

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