Feb 12, 2018
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Fate Extra Last Encore Initial Review – First Impressions

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Fate/Extra Last Encore
JP: フェイト/エクストラ ラストアンコール

Genre: Battle Royal, Action, Fantasy, Magic

Studio: Shaft

Producers: Aniplex, Notes, Marvelous

Source: Game (Fate/Extella)

Let’s try and describe Fate/Extra Last Encore as short as possible, actually, not just Last Encore, the entire Fate Project, wouldn’t be that much different: First thing crosses my mind… in the end, we all know it’s going to be sad and tragic, regardless of what happens, because that is the “fate” of “battle royal”. It’s going to be sad, tragic, cruel, crazy, bloody and what’s more important, we all going to love it. But not because, we humans love violence and gore (that may be true but this time the reasons are different), Fate is different because it speaks of honor and heroism, sacrifice and friendship in the first place. All the deaths and tragedy is there to paint the real picture.

Nero Claudius Wallpaper by Tobimaciek - Fate/Extra Last Encore

Nero Claudius Wallpaper by Tobimaciek – Fate/Extra Last Encore

If you are familiar with Fate, the next thing you’d probably think of is the ideology! You’ve probably noticed that no matter how crazy and cruel the characters may be, they all, without exceptions have noble motives. Things, these “crazy heroes” do for the cause… for better future… to save someone/something.

If you are getting certain feeling of unease when you are about to dive in to next Fate project, comes from the inevitability of a tragic ending. Not because you are afraid the new series going to suck. In fact, it’s the opposite, unlike any other anime project, based on manga or novel or even a game, Fate is absolutely unique because it only gets better and better. And please, I don’t want to hear about “the previous Fate graphics looked more impressive”, kind of things, petty comparisons have no place in this review, not when it comes to this franchise.

Nero Gladius by mSppice - Fate/Extella - Fate/Extra Last Encore

Nero Gladius by mSppice – Fate/Extella – Fate/Extra Last Encore


Let’s Talk about Fate/Extra Last Encore


Don’t you just love how authors present/introduce every new “Fate” project in new reality, new timeline and new perspective? Like for example, in this case we hear about masters and servants in the classroom, from a teacher, like it’s a totally normal thing. And the best thing about it, it does not strike nearly as absurd as it actually is. Type-Moon know their stuff. In this particular reality, the authors went with technology / sci-fi theme. Like holy grail is now associated with quantum computer or something like that… (minimizing spoilers).

In this reality, well, let’s just say it’s going to be hard to tell what’s real and what’s not. From the very beginning, I had this feeling that I, without even realizing why or even what about, I totally agreed with Hakuno – Melancholic protagonist in Last Encore series. I too felt the hate and anger towards that reality, the incident at chess match, oh boy! I can’t recall the last time I felt this disturbed.

Was pleasantly surprised to see Rin though, her appearance has changed slightly but it wasn’t a bit difficult to recognize her instantly. This Sci-Fi / Psychological approach to Fate is both refreshing and disturbing at same time, and it also kind of affects the personalities of the characters we know, such as Rin. By the way, I keep repeating “disturbing” and if you are reading this before you watched the episode one, believe me, Fate has broken all records in this department. The “chess incident” is definitely not the worst thing you’ve seen, what makes it so incredibly disturbing is that such things are normal, part of everyday life, such as having a morning coffee.

Since we’re talking about Episode one, let me ask you this, to this point, have you given a thought, how would authors relate what already happened to whole masters and servants and heroes thing? Something does not seem to add up here, right? The conversation about “digital hell” made in the image of heaven; kind of answers the question, but raises other questions… nonetheless guys, this is one @%!^ of a Episode One! Very different from what people expected from regular Fate routine. And speaking of regular stuff… don’t worry, you’ll be seeing “Fate” as you know it, in Q4 of episode one. Though, what really impressed me was Q3; the “final exam”; absolutely magnificent, brilliant and very beautiful. I really think and hope Last Encore is going to be the best of all Fate projects. for latest news, check out Fate/Extra Last Encore official Twitter Page.

Hype by Godboundedbyrules - Fate/Extra Last Encore

Hype by Godboundedbyrules – Fate/Extra Last Encore

Try and stay objective and unbiased regarding Fate franchise, you are going to fail! Because, at some point, you definitely loved one of the Fate projects, even if it’s Kaleid. Admittedly, Fate has special place in my library as well; the whole thing by the way, not just a single project, rather the idea itself. Can’t help to wonder what is it that makes me love it so much despite all the nonsense and awkwardness such as Jeanne d’Arc going “nani koree”.  Or seeing William Shakespeare, Atalanta (Greek Myth), Jack the Ripper and Frankenstein, in same timeline, same story with “ridiculous” appearances. Well, there’s too much to list really, the point is, regardless of all of this, nothing makes my heart beat more than hearing news about Fate projects. What’s even more strange, it doesn’t change no matter the circumstances, regardless of studio that it was made in, producers involved etc. You just know, next Fate is going to be epic, even if the world crumbles.

P.S. With that in mind, I have lost all the rights to speak of subjectivity and being unbiased. The worst part is, all the Dame Hiki authors feel pretty much the same. So, even if someone else was to write the review, it wouldn’t change much. Best thing I can do to help the situation is to recommend the franchise to those who never heard of Fate before. Other than that, I’m pretty sure, love it or hate it, those, already familiar with Fate, will definitely watch the Fate/Extra Last Encore no matter what.


Rating  – R – 17+ (violence & profanity)

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