Nov 29, 2017
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Gintama TV 6

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And here we thought Gintama was on its way out… again… But this time most of us actually believed that Season 5 was the last one, since they cut all the comedy episodes and all that. Fortunately, we’re wrong, again. Gintama Season 6 is back with all its glory.

First couple of episodes were not that impressive, but it felt good and somewhat nostalgic. Even if you don’t like certain episodes of Gintama, you still love it. Speaking of first couple episodes, the idea of Kagura finding BF, oh boy…  “not that impressive” is not the same as not good. In fact, the beginning of season 6 is quite entertaining, it just lacked the parody and absurd.

Gintama Season 6 by Shumijin

Gintama Season 6 by Shumijin

Yup, you heard me, Absurd, it is my way of describing Gintama – Absurd! In a good way of that makes sense to you. Besides, no episode can be bad with Umibozu in it.

Gintoki by Shikaobing

Gintoki by Shikaobing

Basically, the first episodes are more about Umibozu and Gintoki and their reaction to the situation rather than Kagura and her BF: Umibozu’s reaction to this was adequate and kind of predictable which I cannot say the same about Gintoki. Either way, very happy with Gintama coming back and while I see some changes in drawings and animation, I have yet to determine if I like these changes or not. Suppose, I’ll have to wait and see couple episodes with Shinsengumi to decide.

Kagura by Nuriko Kun

Kagura by Nuriko-Kun

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