Nov 29, 2017
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Juuni Taisen

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Yet another  Battle Royal style anime series, with plenty of disturbing and cruel stuff at that. Juuni Taisen is rated R-17+ However, we recommend it to 18+ only. Other than that, the anime is just fantastic, absolutely phenomenal! The episode one is 10/10, especially the ending.  The first half of episode one felt kind of boring, but the “meeting” changed everything. Oh, boy, I can’t wait for ep. 2.

I need to be careful here, with spoilers that is. So, basically, like I said, Juuni Taisen is a battle royal kind of “game”. Last man standing is the winner. Unfortunately, some supernatural powers are involved which in my opinion was an author’s mistake, but it’s still absolutely phenomenal. Also, if we set aside all the supernatural stuff and everything else too, it’s the characters and personalities that make this novel so great.

Usagi - Juuni Taisen - Artwork by XoMinekooX

Usagi – Juuni Taisen – Artwork by XoMinekooX

Each character is absolutely unique and very interesting, with unique style and approach to things. You are definitely going to underestimate and overestimate some characters judging by the presented information and first impressions, which is not a bad thing really, this means you’ll be surprised often, in a good way.

Boar - Juuni Taisen - Artwork by Sallymaycz

Boar – Juuni Taisen – Artwork by Sallymaycz

I have to warn you though, the blood and the cruelty is real, think twice before jumping in. Because once you do, there’s no way out. Recommending this to everyone into crazy action but keep in mind Juuni Taisen is not for faint of heart.

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