Mar 4, 2019
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Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler Season 2 First Impressions

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R- 17+ (Profanity, Violence) 

Not going to lie, I had way higher expectations for season 2. It turned out to be okay, but that’s about it. Even If you don’t read manga, by the end of the season 1 it became fairly obvious, that in season 2 Hyakkaou Private Academy students would be competing with other schools or something of the sort.

Honestly, that was THE ONLY thing that could’ve happened in S2. But here is the thing, the reason why we loved the Season 1 in the first place was not Yumeko Jabami alone, but the entire school, all the opponents, all the unique characters and their personalities. In Season 2 on the other hand, we had to deal with new characters that we knew nothing about basically. Looking cool doesn’t make characters any more interesting, without personalities that is; they just look cool.

Yumeko Jabami by kiiaralouto Kakegurui Season 2

Other than that, Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler Season 2 is pretty much what I expected. All the craziness, recklessness, unpredictability, the whole package basically is there. The main issue is, it does not get interesting with each new episode like it did in S1. And that’s because of the reason I mentioned above, we simply do not know what the fuss is about.  

Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler Season 2 Characters 

Not going to list them, or discuss new characters individually, because of obvious reasons – spoilers. Instead, let’s focus few characters from past episodes, like Erimi Mushibami for example.

Erimi Mushibami by Evahart Kakegurui Season 2
Erimi Mushibami by Evahart

Slightly disappointing but at the same time very sharp character. Disappointing because I did not feel the same kind of excitement about her like I did for any of season 1 characters. In fact, I did not like her until the moment she decided to stay in game once she realized the secret was out.

Erimi never stood a chance against those two to begin with but at least she revealed her real self and it was hilarious: In the first part of the game, she tried to look brutal and fierce, but it was only a mask. When things went south, she actually become brutal and fierce, which was very ironic and amusing to watch. The “weakest character” of season 2 ended up being my favorite. 

Miyo Inbami and Miri Yōbami – Speaking of disappointment, these sisters simply ruined the season for me. Everything in this game except for one thing (Yumeko skipping her own game) was very predictable and WEAK.

Miri Yōbami - Kakegurui Season 2

Miri Yōbami

Yes, everything, including Ryota’s trying to be a white knight for Yumeko. But that would’ve been fine if not 1 thing. Poisoning Yumeko? That just did not make sense, how does that count for a win? I mean play the game and you either win or lose. How does poisoning your opponent make you a winner in a game? I guess, the authors Kawamoto Homura and Naomura Tooru wanted make this game look as cruel and unfair as possible but in the process, they forgot what the anime was supposed to be about.


Miyo Inbami Kakegurui 2
Miyo Inbami by Anksdoesntevenknow

That’s it for now… 

I will be discussion each character of season two Kakegurui after the series finished airing and who knows, the anime might actually get better by then. For now, it’s looks pretty much average to me. Also, there’s plenty to talk about Kakegurui other than characters but I’ll save that for the final review as well. Despite all the flows and mistakes. Kakegurui is still one of the most anticipated anime series of 2019. And certainly, worth watching.

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