Dec 21, 2017
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Ou-Sama Game – King’s Game

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Stupid! One word to describe the anime. However, you may still want to watch Ousama Game / King’s Game. But first let me explain the “stupid” part. You see, kids are dying left and right, like not just one or two. Plenty of them and yet, no police to be seen anywhere. Also, like in stupid horror movies, after actually witnessing the horrific deaths, morons still refuse to believe the King’s Game is a “real thing”. And one last thing, the author of the original novel went really cheap on the story. Going supernatural only degraded the value of the novel. Although, while supernatural part does certain amount of damage it is not what makes this anime stupid it’s the lack of common sense I suppose.

So, if you’re asking is Ousama Game is good and if it’s worth watching? The answer is probably yes! Surprised? Can’t really explain why but yeah, I suppose it’s still worth giving a shot, at least couple of episodes so that you can decide whether you want to watch it full or not.

King’s Game 4 Rules

  1. All classmates Participate in King’s Game
  2. The orders by “king” must be followed within 24 hours
  3. All those who don’t follow the rules will be punished (by death)
  4. No quitting
Ousama Game Art by Majoralynn

Ousama Game Art by Majoralynn

You can imagine the rest, Battle Royale kind of stuff full of cliché. Not trying to strip the series of all values, I simply couldn’t find one except the mysterious, unexplained thing about it that isn’t letting me to quit watching. Nonetheless, the anime is not for kids, it’s 17+ because you know, the blood and everything. Oh well, if you’re into this stuff, give it a shot.

Rating: R – 17+ (violence & profanity)

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