Jan 29, 2018
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Overlord II – Overlord Season 2 First Impressions

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Overlord II – オーバーロードⅡ – Overlord Season 2

Genre: Game, Fantasy, Magic, Super Power, Supernatural, Adventure, Action, Comedy, Dark Comedy

Studio: Madhouse

Producers: NTT Plala, Enterbrain, Grooove, Hakuhodo DY Music & Pictures, Kadokawa, AT-X

Source: Novel/Light Novel

First Impressions…

Slightly disappointed… especially in episode 2, you know, about the lizards… Seemed like a totally different story, different anime, 0 excitement and 0 intrigue. Other than that, story seems a bit detached but it’s ok. One more thing, I expected to see some sort of character development and growth in season two but instead we got same useless cliché like for example Momonga and Albedo conversations.

Lizard Drama

Okay, so… Episode 3 – Lizards again… While I find it hilarious how to talk about that hot lizard chick during the fight, and how she blushes and all, this is just stupid! Guys who made original Overlord, couldn’t possibly be this dumb, dumb enough to expect we’re going to like this stuff. The only reason why I endured these episodes is because of my job – How am I gonna write a review without watching the episodes first.

Trying to stay optimistic… because I really love the series (season 1) and despite everything I’m keeping it positive, hoping story is going to improve and get more interesting, or at least tolerable. I mean I appreciate the few seconds of “things to come” spoilers and the sneak peak in episode 1, introducing us to new characters and all but let’s not forget the season 2 is only 12 episodes…

Speaking of “character introduction”, another disappointment, writers of this caliber should realize that characters don’t appear cool just because they say they are. It’s almost as if though 2 different persons wrote Season 1 and Season 2…

What’s Good in Overlord Season 2? Honestly, not much! Yet… Only 3 episodes aired this far and I felt nothing but disappointment. Honestly again, if you guys love the original series just as much as I do, I strongly suggest you wait the series to finish airing and only then watch it in one go.


Overlord II Wallpaper by Corphish2

Overlord II Wallpaper by Corphish2

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