Feb 8, 2018
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Record of Grancrest War – Grancrest Senki – Initial Review

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Record of Grancrest War – Grancrest Senki
JP: グランクレスト戦記

Genre: Action, Drama, Romance, Magic, Supernatural, Fantasy

Studio: A-1 Pictures

Producers: Cromea, Aniplex, Good Smile Company, Bandai Namco Entertainment, BS11, Kinoshita Group Holdings, ABC Animation, Kadokawa

Source: Light Novel

“Low expectations” is a good thing, isn’t it? Thanks to that I really did enjoy the first episode of Record of Grancrest War – Grancrest Senki. Regarding low expectations, don’t get me wrong, the anime was never supposed to be bad, especially it is made by A-Pictures studio. It’s just… I did not expect much from Fantasy / Action anime; because those tend to be “soft”. But this one, despite the deceiving looks, appears to be a real action anime with plenty of violent and gore scenes in it. Not saying, violence is a good thing, but it’s usually what separates the hardcore anime from those “soft” ones.

So, the Record of Grancrest, Episode one (Contract)… I wouldn’t call it “impressive” but it certainly wasn’t boring, and more importantly I did see a certain degree of potential in these series. The obsession with whole “Britania” theme, been getting really annoying over the years but sometimes, like in now, it is really well implemented and can be tolerated.

Grancrest Senki - Siluca Meletes II by KyokoYuikoGTS

Grancrest Senki – Siluca Meletes II by KyokoYuikoGTS

While not advertised as such, I did see some drama potential and even romance in Grancrest Senki… Hopefully, the romance is not going to be a focus of the series; that and some minor issues such as, sometimes things don’t really make sense, things such as: what characters say to each other, inadequate responses etc. typical Japanese anime illnesses, but other than that, I kind of like it, and probably going to watch the entire season.

Like I said, the beginning wasn’t disappointing, however, I’m having a hard time imagining how would these series progress, and for whatever reason, I remain skeptical about it until I watch at least 2-3 more episodes. The full review will follow only after the season finally, but feel free to discuss the series down in a comment below.

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