Dec 13, 2017
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Tune of the Week – Twice – Heart Shaker

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What’s Anime has to do with Heart Shaker you ask? the honest answer is NOTHING, absolutely nothing. For some reason though, I’m thinking everyone visiting this website is going to like this video!

Twice Quick Info:

South Korean Band

Genres K-pop J-pop

Twitter Page:



DahYun -Twice

DahYun -Twice

JeongYeon - Twice

JeongYeon – Twice

Jihyo - Twice

Jihyo – Twice

Mina - Twice

Mina – Twice

Momo - Twice

Momo – Twice

Nayeon - Twice

Nayeon – Twice

Sana - Twice

Sana – Twice

Tzuyu - Twice

Tzuyu – Twice

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