Dec 2, 2017
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Kawaii, kind of cheeky anime with a special approach to the genre; “something new, something refreshing”. Also, it’s not just another kawaii anime, slice of life with nothing new to offer, Urahara is a little more than that. Watch couple of episodes, Urahara will definitely surprise you.


Genre: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Comedy

Studio: EMT², Shirogumi

Producers: bilibili, VAP, Crunchyroll

Source: Web Manga


Urahara by Shirogumi Inc. Studio is one of a kind comedy / fantasy anime. First impressions matter big time however, they can be deceiving as well; for example, first I thought the art and drawing looked like it was made by drunk 8 years kid but then, in 4-5 minutes I actually begun liking it. Just like it was with Kill la Kill.

Urahara Characters

The characters are pretty unique and very much lovable too: Rito Sudou: tough and at same time loving painter who loves her friends more than anything. Mari Shirako: Sarcastic fashion girl that loves Lolita style dressing. Very talented actress that can express any emotion with ease. Kotoko Watatsumugi: is smart and very talented in everything she does. What brings these girls together you ask? It’s their beloved Harajuku district and café.
Urahara Gif

So, Urahara… is it any good? It is good alright, but whether you are going to like it, depends on what you are after.

Spoiler Alert

Aliens come to earth and steal the most important achievement of humanity, our culture. 3 best friends: Rito, mari and Kotoko band together to defend Harajuku from invaders. That’s basically it, except… Now, the million dollar question, is Urahara worth watching? I mentioned “one of a kind” but that doesn’t always mean or rather doesn’t necessarily mean super good… don’t get me wrong, Urahara looks like a really nice anime but it’s not good enough to recommend for everyone, but those into kawaii and moe will definitely find the series interesting.

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